Design Clinic

The design clinic is a 1.5 hr human-centered creative workshop hosted by our talented team of designers. Organizations and their team members co-create to design art works for a face mask that will be produced and shipped to all participants in the clinic.

How It

We host a creative exercise around your organization’s brand that will aid in the creation of the artwork on the mask. Creative exercises are customized to your company’s goals.

After designing, we open the floor up for discussion, giving everyone a chance to share their story around their design. We provide real-time mock-ups of how the designs will look on the masks.

At the end of the clinic your organization will get the chance to choose their favorite design and our team will produce it in a factory in Los Angeles. The masks feature:

  • The winning design
  • Company logo
  • Wear II Care logo

They are shipped within 2 weeks to the address you provided upon sign-up.

Value & Impact

  • Health & Safety

    Face masks are one of the most effective tools for mitigating the pandemic. We provide face masks to your organization through a collaborative exercise.

  • Collaboration

    Team building in a time where everyone is work from home.

  • Energy Booster

    Proven to increase team morale and energy. At the beginning and end of the workshop, we conduct a poll called an “energy check-in”; on average, participants’ energy levels increase from a 6 to a 9.